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Mulch Madness

$584.00 $294.00
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                                          ~ Mulch Madness ~

          Two Yards of Mulch delivered and spread to where you want.    

Price Includes:  Premium Hardwood Mulch: This mulch is double shredded.  It has a high consistency of hardwood bark. This gives it a darker color compared to most mulch. It also consists of wood chips and root material all processed through grinding and screening equipment. This mulch is an all-natural product with no chemicals added and is aged from six months to one year.

For just $20.00 more you can get,

Dyed Mulch: This is a premium landscape mulch. Made from selected reclaimed wood. Color enhanced with environmentally friendly colorant to acheive proper hues. It is non-toxic… harmless to children, pets and the environment. This mulch is very slow to fade and reduces spore and fungal activity. With slower draw of nitrogen, it will not burn your plant material.

This is a great price to get your yard looking great this spring and summer!

Service Area:  Lower Montgomery and Bucks counties and within 20 minutes of Elkins Park according to google maps at the time of booking.  

Additional Details:  
1.  This is offer is valid for a limited time and can be revoked, changed or altered at anytime.  
2.  There is a limit of one deal per household.  We will add on additional yards up to four for $148.00 per yard.
3.  This deal must be scheduled at least 1 week in advance and subject to availability.  
3.  You can buy one additional deal for a friend, neighbor or family member if they reside within the service area.
4.  We will go up to 40 minutes outside the service area for a cost of $4.00 per minute beyond the 20 minutes.  This travel time is determined at the time of booking according to google maps.  We will not change because the travel time changes on the day of delivery.
5. This deal has a 48 hour cancellation policy.  We will refund 100% if cancelled within 24 hours of buying. We will refund 80% if cancelled between 24 hours after and until at least 48 hours prior to delivery.
6.  This deal is non- refundable within 48 hours and/or after it is delivered.   
7.  For properties larger then a half acre we will add an additional spreading fee of $100.00 to help cover additional spread time.
9. If scheduled after 180 days from purchase we will charge the difference between promotional rate and regular price. 
10. Contact us at 888-804-3667 to schedule the delivery.  You can now call or text to this number.
    You can also email us at:

             Buy today to take advantage of this great deal before it is over!



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